Rincón, Puerto Rico…..a wonderful hidden paradise

If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico, you must visit Rincón. This town is charged with feel good positive energy and breathtaking views. We arrived to this little town tired and without any real expectations; but, quickly realized this experience would be something to remember.If you find yourself tired of the same old vacations, do yourself a favor, pack light and discover Rincón…nature at its greatest. If you don’t love it then you have not arrived yet. Have a happy happy joy joy time!


For more information visit the following link: http://rincon-pr.com/




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A Love Letter To Italy

Ti Amo Italia de mi corazon…

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"

Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"Dear Italy,

Today marks 10 years to the day since we first met.

I was a reluctant and grumpy teenager then, and although I had heard a lot about you and was curious to meet you, you didn’t make a very good first impression.

I was already unhappy due to having been taken away from my friends for a good portion of the summer, but the burnt and lifeless scene you presented me with on the tarmac of Fiumicino Airport in 2003 didn’t win you any favour in my eyes. Neither did the subsequent hours-long quarantine in a back room in the airport terminal because our plane had come from SARS-infected Toronto, or the heat sickness I suffered on my first trip to Pompei.

Slowly but surely though, Italy, you revealed some of your charms to me. First, through a young, sweet waiter who paid me some attention…

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Pamplona: More than just bulls, booze and bedlam


Parallel Worlds

[words and photographs © Mark Eveleigh]

“Pamplona is changed, of course, but not as much as we are older. I found that if you took a drink that it got very much the same as it always was.” – Ernest Hemingway.

At noon on the sixth of July the chupinazo (rocket) explodes above Pamplona’s baroque town hall, heralding the start of the Fiestas de San Fermin. Every year a million revelers storm this normally sleepy Northern Spanish city for nine days and nine nights of non-stop mayhem, converting it into what has been called ‘the hell-raising capital of the world.’

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