Green is still there

That green goes perfect with an olive or tan skin color…great accessories : )

Trendy Taste

golden blue


Last summer we enjoyed the season between all shades of green. It seems like this year yellow has win the trend war. But I think this beautiful color is always a good option, flattering and funny. This dress has a lot of options. In this look I´ve paired it with golden accesories, transparent clutch and fluo spiked and chained bracelets for a saturday night dinner. To get a casual style there are many possibilities, you can choose a pair of booties or some kind of wooden sandals and leather accesories. Another good option I had thougt about was mixing it with silver and still working!

What about you? Do you still using this beautiful color? How do you pair it?

Thousands of kisses!

El verano pasado disfrutamos de una temporada llena de tonos verdes, sobre todo el verde agua. Pero todo apunta a que este año el amarillo lo ha…

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